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Alpha high power LED lamps are compact, green and high efficiency lighting fixtures, ideal alternatives to conventional incandescent and CFL lamps. With LEDs from Cree and patented thermal control technology, the performance is excellent and quality is reliable. We offer you a complete range to cover every kind of professional/commercial usage requirements and also for high-end use at home. A wide range of shapes, sizes, bases and wattages make

Technical Specifications:
LED quantity: 5 x 1W
Power consumption: ≤7W
Luminous flux: 300-550 Lumens
High CRI: 80+
Colors: Cold White: 6000-6500K, Natural White: 4,100 - 4,300K, Warm White: 2,800 - 3,000K
Beam angle: 15/30 degrees
Base type: E27
Voltage: 100-240VAC or 12VDC/VAC

One year warranty for replacement
Easy installation: using existing E27 base sockets
Long life time: up to 30,000 hours
Solid-state, fast turn on, No power surge
High shock / vibration resistant
Major power savings up to 80%
CE and RoHS Compliant
Indoor use only
No harmful UV or IR
Ambient operating temperature range: -22F to ~+113F [-30C to ~+45C]

Track lighting, accent lighting
General, architectural and landscape lighting
Display case fixtures and cabinet lighting
Signage and back lighting
Aerospace lighting systems
Industrial OEM equipment lighting
Bio-medical and medical applications




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