LED Luminaire Module, 2ft by 2ft
Passenger Bus & Railcar


Passenger Bus & Railcar LED T8, T12-adapted Tube Lamps, G13-BiPin, 4-feet Long, 21W, Fluorescent Equivalent

Premium Intensity LEDs 24Vdc to 42Vdc White 5000K Color

Interior LED T8 or T12-adapted tube lighting for light rail, motor coaches, buses, railway passenger cars, railway carriages, trolley cars, and subway cars

Part Numbers: LED48T8-288-TPW-24/42V-xx (see specs in table below)
Wide-Angle Beam Pattern
Line Input Voltage: 24Vdc to 42Vdc
Energy Used: Typically 21Watts
Color Temperatures: Pure Daylight White (Warm White optional for large orders)
Ambient Humidity: ≤95% (non-condensing)
Ambient Operating Temperature: ~-22F to ~+122F [~-30C to ~+50C]
Lamp Shell: Polycarbonate Lens/Aluminum Body
Dimensions: L47.16" D1.18" (T12 collar ring, D1.40") [L1198mm D30mm (T12 collar ring, D35.6)]
Weight: 1.30 lb [588 g]
These LED tube lights are currently not dimmable

Lamp Warranty: 3 Years
Very Low Power Consumption: Typically 21 Watts
Wide Voltage Input Range: 24-42V Constant Current
Wide-Angle Beam Pattern: 123
Passenger-Friendly Light: 5000K Pure Daylight White
Easy Installation: Direct Retrofit into Most Fluorescent Lamp Fixtures Using Existing G13 Dual-Pin Sockets Two Pin Configurations/Available with T12 Adapter Rings
Long Life: White LEDs Last up to 50,000 Hours of Operational Time
Solid-State: High-Shock & High-Vibration Resistant
Solid Construction: UV-Stabilized Polycarbonate Lens, Aluminum Body
Even Lighting: High intensity / No Halation
Instant-On Light: No Buzzing, No Flicker or Delayed Startup Time
High CRI of 75 Enhances All Colors in Vehicle Environment
Ambient Humidity: =95% (Non-condensing)
Ambient Operating Temperature Range: ~-22F to ~+122F [~-30C to ~+50C]
Options: For qualified applications and large quantity orders
Other Viewing Angles Available: 20-Beam, 40-Beam, 60-Beam
Other Lengths: 1-ft, 2-ft
Other White Color Temperatures
Other Voltages for Heavy Railway Car Applications

Light Rail/Railway Passenger Car Interiors
Railway Carriage/Subway Car Interiors
Passenger Bus Interiors
Trolley Car Interiors
Solar Power Low-Voltage Applications
Recreation Vehicle Interiors
Motor Coach Interiors

Major Energy Savings: Close to 50% Reduced Power Usage over Standard Fluorescent Tubes
Lower Maintenance/Cost: Sturdy Body and Much Longer LED Life Drastically Reduce Relamp Frequency and Related Labor Costs
Eco-Friendly: No Mercury Content, No Lead Eliminates Toxic Hazards of Fluorescents
No Hazardous Emissions: No UV or IR Radiation
Does Not Attract Insects; No RF Interference, No EMI/HD Problems
Greater Passenger Safety: Vibration-Resistant Body with Plastic Lens Eliminates Glass-Tube Breakage Hazard




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